Loengrīns no Värka Kru (premiere and afterparty)

@ kino K. Suns, Elizabetes iela 83/85, Riga, LV Dokumentālās filmas par kamaniņbraucēju Mārtiņu Rubeni “Loengrīns no Värka Kru” treileris. Filmas režisors Viesturs Kairišs. Pirmizrade bus 5. novembri 18.00 kino K. Suns, pec tam ap 21.00 dejas kafe A. Sunii. Documentary about luger Martins Rubenis ‘Lohengrin From Värka Crew’ trailer. Directed by Viesturs Kairišs. Premiere […]

Positivus – Zelta Zivtiņas pludmale stage

. @ Salacgriva, LV (100km from Riga, direction: Tallinn, How to get there) Zelta Zivtiņas pludmale stage 17.o7 Friday 2o:oo Arno (Afrobeat, Reggae) 22:oo Pelmeshkin (Dub, Nujazz) 24:oo Home Radio (Nu Disco, Funk, Synth Pop) o4:oo Stop Wickiss (Video) 18.o7 Saturday 12:oo Arno & Glendija (Dub, Nujazz, Funk) 16:oo Pelmeshkin (Dub) 17:oo Marimana (Dub, Dubstep) […]

Zvērā fest

. @ 15km from Saldus, LV (map) “Zverā is an independent underground music festival providing lagre variety of live and electronic music. Festival is driven by Do-It-Yourself ideology and active lifestyle. Everyone is welcome to participate. This is the 4th year this festival is going under the name “Zvērā” before is was known as “Zābaks”, […]