DJ Krush and Dj Vadim in Koko. Report from the concert.

flickr photo uploaded by bingpoint
flickr photo uploaded by bingpoint

I just came back from the concert. Tired but happy. So, please, excuse me my English.
I haven’t imagined that I can afford to go for this show that time. But deep in my heart I got strong desire to see and to feel it. And my wish was granted! I got my ticket in a bit tricky way. One friend of mine have called me and asked me do I want to have a ticket for this show? It was really good timing. Yes I do! So I got my ticket and now I must to make two websites for that. It’s ok, because it worth it!
Night Camden Town has it own charm. I have arrived on time, and even got a moment to bring some praises to Almighty and wonderful time. So I have passed inside the Koko club, but my camera isn’t. So here will be no photo report by me. Fortunately, you can see some camera phone images from an user. I have found his pictures on event page of Thanks to mr. Bingpoint. Events calendar are very useful options in modern social networking. Next time I should get myself an Press Card. I need more practice in live photogaphy.
What can I say about the concert? The words of my broken English can’t describe all the magic of Great Beat Masters vibes. It was massive! Music, performance expression, good PA system, light and venue itself. I wish you were there! In time when I have finished sorting out the clock room business the Shadow Orchestra was performing. It was last 1.5 songs, but I get positive impressions from it! Memory 9 – one man on stage with an powerful control surface and macbook have continued to warming up of the crowd. He have showed his good knowledge in composing of few popular music styles. Nice try. Last composition was pretty fast. Recently I really enjoy such fast music – around 135Bpm and more.
Then Dj Krush has arrived on stage and cooled down the public with his famous abstract intro. It was wonderful! If the concert was just this part, I shouldn’t be disappointed. I have squeezed in a bit closer to try to catch his hands movements. Nearly impossible. Sounds flow like an waterfall. Incredible! He can twist the sound wherever he likes to. Delay and reverb work well under his control. Eventually the beat goes down. Nice music. Deep and strong. With precise samurai’s cuts and scratches. His set was very stylish. For me, in his set was more than 50% of riddims was new. Old tunes and accapellas in a new mix rock as well. Solid respect! Dj Krush one of the greatest turntablist and mixologist on Earth! True!
Than another hip-hop scene monster, Dj Vadim has arrived on stage. Not alone, with two women on the mics! One, more than expected, full of energy, magnificent Yarah Bravo and another jazz queen lady. I didn’t catch her name. She have great vocal, jazzy singing in a black music style, although she was white one. That collective of veteran of UK-USA hip-hop scene and freestyle girls really go out of definitions. Breaking though the borders. Rocking and raging. Bringing the message of love from the real underground. No pop music. True! And all of this with good, loud sound and fat bass.
Only one moment was a bit hard to cope with. Too much people and many of them are mad! Pushing everybody around and crying out loud in sick animal way. Louder than a soundsystem. It made me tired. Too much hassles.
But in overall show was really good. I really enjoyed. I need to take a rest now. Dread out!

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