Full moon madness

Last Saturday was the night of full moon. So we went out. I and my squat brothers. One of them, Anton, have been invited by his old time Lithuanian mates, to play on the event. The Datablender squat event. I was also invited to play, but I refused in order to take a closer look, […]

A DJ Diary

What a buisy week. I’ve performed 4 gigs, and will do 5th tomorrow. Tonight was one of the best, so i desided to write a bit of my impressions, ususlly i don’t write. Want to share my emotions. I didn’t expect to play tonight. Dj Moire, Riga junglist booked me for tonight junge party in […]

DŽUNGĻURAUTS (Kandava, July 21 2007)

. This was really nice event! beautifull place (unfinished hotel with squat feeling), nice positive people, good soundsystem, and yes, THE DJs! ROOTSMANIAN (WLOVI soundsystem, France) played rots reggae, easy and deep style, Fee.Nix-Z vs. Brain, startded with “Tear-red fet. Puma” and continued with hot drum’n’bass wich make everyone jump mad, Melnizz, played strictly deep […]