Drawing Restraint 9

I was watching an movie today – Drawing Restraint 9 (18)

Director: Matthew Barney Origin: Japan, United States Year: 2005 Duration: 160 Starring: Bjork and Matthew Barney. Watch trailer.

filmed in Nagasaki and sea islands around. From Gate cinemapage :

“DRAWING RESTRAINT 9, a film by Matthew Barney with a soundtrack composed by Björk, represents the first creative collaboration of two of the most protean, dynamic forces in music and fine art. DRAWING RESTRAINT 9 stars the artist and his longtime partner Björk as two occidental guests who board a Japanese whaling ship in Nagasaki Bay. Similarly poised and celebrated within the world of contemporary art as Björk is within her own field, Matthew Barney is a visual artist whose ambitious, rigorous multimedia work encodes esoteric meanings while providing lushly immediate aesthetic rewards. Best known for The Cremaster Cycle, Matthew Barney’s work is multimedia in execution but singularly focused in conception.”

I can say, it’s one of the most crazy art project I ever seen. Movie like no other! A bit like Cremaster but different. After being on Matthew Barney’s exhibition, that movie just get me in a strange way. Have you seen it? Watch it and tell me what do you think. Wakata? Link to Bjork’s page about this project http://unit.bjork.com/specials/dr9/

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