Ignat Gorazd’s July: short tour report

Mine recent tour just over. My friends and promoters Crystrals records done good job. Girls have arranged busy time for me and Italian crew – Djs Ka:lu and Kykla and Vj Fat Cat. We were boarded same plain at Stansted airport 05 07 07 and our wonderful journey into Latvia has started. Exploring the country, filling it with roots, reggae, minimal and drum`n`bass sound. It was lovely. Good expiriens for me. We arrive straight to latvian jungle. We spent 3days in Sigulda on BMX festival. Than was night in Depo with an open mic on my set featuring an hip-hop head from Liverpool, me, Mc Aklais, Mc Zivs etc. Than Andrejsala`s banch of venues. Than was an open air event in Bauzlande. Crazy one, with rock stage and no bass on our tent and crazy shower all night long. And finally we hold on fire whole club in Liepaja. Fontaine Palace. Jammin and pushing the bass until the sun comes up. It was hottest event in tour. Thank everyone, my friends for support and help. Now I`m back to cool London and looking forward to see sunny Italy tomorrow.

Dj Kone and Dj Blindmc aka Aklais at Dirty Deals cafe, Andrejsala, Riga, LV

Dj Kalu and Vj Fat Cat, my lv tour mates.

more pictures will come later

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