Top 10 of the most crazy DJ requests

Are you DJ? Please play some twist.

Can you put on drum-techno-Tiesto? (“drum” means drum’n’bass here).

Can you play something faster? (while 130 bpm track is being played).

Please play something faster! (while 175 bpm track is being played).

During my jazz/funk set in small lounge bar:
“We are from Holland, can you play DJ Tiesto? Do you know Tiesto? He’s The Best DJ in the world and he’s from Holland!”
Reply was “No, this is wrong place to ask for such music”.
They continued: “Please just only one Tiesto track, and than you can get back to your style!”

Completely drunk foreigner in very loud club: “Do-o-o-o you ha-a-ave grmhndfs?”
“What? Say again?”
“Ca-a-an pla-a-ay abcgmdfhch?”
“What? I don’t hear you clearly.”
“Can you play the aaae the oooou eeee vvvv?”
Returns with same request twice.

Two nice local girls in jazz /funk bar: “Do you have Raimond Pauls?” (famous Latvian jazz and pop composer, pianist, ex-Minister Of Culture).
“Sorry, no, I don’t have anything with me.”
Girls suddenly turned really disappointed, and told door guy while leaving the bar: “dj is the worst we ever met”.

“Can you play hip-hop?” while not-MTV-style-hip-hop is being played.

On technonly party: “Play ragga!!!” .

“Give us sausages!” (in (Ru) “Давай колбасы!”, или “Мяса давай!”) (also: “Give us meat”, hard mainstream drum’n’bass in Latvia.)

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Kone, DJ / promoter/ producer. Started to spin vinyl in 1996, in 1997 founded Varka Kru together with DJs Betons, Ginnz, and Dr_Ups. Produce music, by now famous track is ambient dub "Trip to Vuokatti" feat You Koshkin, appeared on many compilations. As DJ plays a lot of styles: from electro house, minimal techno, old' and nu' skool jungle and liquid drum'n'bass to nu' jazz, latino, balkan, reggae and dancehall.