Marley family heritage

I thought, that newspaper can`t bring a good news. But last I have found that I was wrong. Traveling in Tube, observing commuters, I see a lot. On a back of an free newspaper, in a habd of an man I saw an announsment. 02 lunch series of free events dedicated to re-lunch of re-branded Millenium Dome. That crazy building located on a river stream, percing sky with crazy yellow nidles – worst construction, according to Feng–Shui. It`s can`t accumulate any energy, it`s spreading it all over the space. Corporation management have decided to make there a venue for the music shows. I thing best option after de-construction. For the opening week they have set up series of free events. In first evening that was Marley brothers! Stephen and greatest Junior Gong Marleys! They rock the place with some traditional Marley family songs and few new. 1 hour of positive energy. Hole size band with dancing back vocal womens, dread with tri-color flag.  Power of love can unite people in a heart of modern Babylon, it`s media connections can bring us together and we can chant true words, radical anti-babylonian message of love arranged with sweet moog melodies and fat rhytm. One Love, one blood, one destiny! Iree! Bless I!

Published by Dr Gorazd

I`m one of those who cares 'bout roots and culture