Aiziet festivals: Straight Beats/ Holger Zilske

@ Dirty Deal Café, Maskavas 12, korpuss 2, Riga, LV . Official website: Aiziet club culture festival STRAIGHT BEATS Holger Zilske (Playhouse, DE) Ksenia Kamikaza Kris Hovel Kone Selffish DJ team Milkmagic ft. Panorama + video installations by VJ Wickiss

Technosha’s Birthday Party

@ Dirty Deal Cafe, Spīķeri, Maskavas iela 12, k.2, Riga, LV . Music: 19:00:00    music by Alexandroid                    slide-show 20:00:00    Sound Meccano                        Astrowind 20:30:00    Astrowind 21:00:00    Kristoid + Sunday Morning        (live) 21:30:00    Martinez Gonzalez 22:00:00    Selffish 22:30:00    Gosh from Yaputhma                    Punte 23:00:00   […]

Riga Be Free

at Space:Garage, Audeju 12, 6th floor, Old Town, Riga, LV . The only way, how we can survive in this mess – be free. Now to the programm: Friday is FFF night with all known heroes – Zedmitry, Kone, Le Fleur du Soleil. On Saturday there is Intelligent Debauch with the emphasis on video art. […]