Värka atmospherics mixes at Casablanca 2000 at Riga FM

Recently got comment here from MPK with a link to old records of our dj live sets at Casablanca 2000 at Riga FM [audio:Autumn Contrasts Side A.mp3] [audio:Autumn Contrasts Side B.mp3] [audio:C-2000 Athmo Side A.mp3] [audio:C-2000 Athmo Side B.mp3] [audio:Urban Space Side A.mp3] [audio:Urban Space Side B.mp3] Download Autumn Contrasts Side A Side B C-2000 […]

News from North of America, the ragga-jungalist RCola

Get ready for the shiny new album from “A key player in the N. American ragga-jungle revival, RCola’s polished production aesthetic & highly musical ear is evidenced throughout this collection of uplifting reggae-flavoured compositions.” “Drawing on soundsystem culture and an amazing line-up of singers, RCola’s “Rub A Dub Wize” offers offers fans of his original […]