Kone 2009 MARCH chart

———- nu jazz ———–

Mario Biondi & The High Five Quintet – This Is What You Are (Unique)

Big M Bootie – Another Preacherman (Big M Bootie)

Dj Disse – Break On Through (Music For Dreams America)

———- minimal ———–

Dop – Blanche Neige (Kinder cut) (Circus Company)

Noidoi – We Love Circoloco (Butch remix) (Material)

Funkwerkstatt – Windrose 2 (Superfancy )

Lee Jones – Safari (Stimming remix) (Aus Music)

Mollono.Bass – Brummelhorn (Ostwind Limited)

Tom Dazing – Divulge (Trapez)

Published by kone

Kone, DJ / promoter/ producer. Started to spin vinyl in 1996, in 1997 founded Varka Kru together with DJs Betons, Ginnz, and Dr_Ups. Produce music, by now famous track is ambient dub "Trip to Vuokatti" feat You Koshkin, appeared on many compilations. As DJ plays a lot of styles: from electro house, minimal techno, old' and nu' skool jungle and liquid drum'n'bass to nu' jazz, latino, balkan, reggae and dancehall.