Dear friends, sisters and brothers,
this Friday, May 15th 2009
“come to my buduar”, I mean …cozy party,
carefully selected dj’s and musicians will play for free so pay a respect, – I do!
Loud Sauna System and Pure Sound System,
drinks, beats and melodies won’t stop.
A lot happening in Riga — but we up for you all till the morning.
Invitation only — so get accompanied only by a close friend.
incredible line-up:

Selffish and VJ Anasteziya (Moscow) 01:00-03:00
Martin Bakush

Ksenia Kamikaza 20:30-21:00
Ivars Mednis
ZeDmitry morning set

You won’t regret your warm cloth – it gonna be cold night, yet warm inside.
Start around 18:00-20:00, few hours with Vivaldi and Mozart,
after sunset 21:35 (on a lake!) djs/msicians will take control.
Sunrise 05:04
Mezhaparks, Rollbar, A.Sakses 19A – www.rollbar.lv (map) – stavvieta

Jurijs Konradi or Dj Kone

PS. Sorry I will leave you from 22:30 till 00:30 – got to play a set at ind-ex.lv party

Published by kone

Kone, DJ / promoter/ producer. Started to spin vinyl in 1996, in 1997 founded Varka Kru together with DJs Betons, Ginnz, and Dr_Ups. Produce music, by now famous track is ambient dub "Trip to Vuokatti" feat You Koshkin, appeared on many compilations. As DJ plays a lot of styles: from electro house, minimal techno, old' and nu' skool jungle and liquid drum'n'bass to nu' jazz, latino, balkan, reggae and dancehall.