Watch out for the Mārtiņš Rubenis on Vancouver 2010 track

The Vancouver track is very difficult and dangerous, 13th curve meet luger on the speed over the 140km/h. Just before the opening of the games Gerogian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili got lethal crash accident on it. Our condolences to the Georgians. Even Armin Zöeggler of Italy, the top-ranked slider in the world, crashed in training on Friday. We all supporting Mārtiņš and wish him to have a clearest state of mind and best action and reaction. We believe in you! Take care, bro! UPDATE: Mārtiņš, get 16th position this time, 3rd run was not his best, but in the end of the slide track, he shows V-sign to the camera. It’s mean that he’ll come back to fight again and again. Go, Mārtiņš, go! We’ll back you up! Always Some Latvian press articles:,

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