Jamaicans For Justice Demands Intensive Investigations Into Kentucky Kid’s Death

Dancehall.Mobi news update – local human rights watchdog group, Jamaicans For Justice (JFJ), has vowed that it will not allow the recent shooting death of up & coming deejay Kentucky Kid (real name – Robert Hill) by the police to be swept under the carpet, and is demanding that the police’s Bureau of Special Investigations (which investigates alleged police wrong doings) conduct a very speedy an intensive investigation in order to clarify the circumstances surrounding Kentucky Kid’s death.

In a statement issued yesterday, Carolyn Gomes of the JFJ said, “The JFJ is deeply appalled, disturbed and saddened by the slaying of Hill by members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).” Kentucky Kid had previously complained that the police were harassing and threatening him since a July 2009 motor vehicle accident involving his car and a police car that allegedly ran a red light. He had said that he and his wife (who was pregnant) were harassed and physically assaulted at least twice since the motor vehicle accident.

He posted this video to his YouTube page after the incidents, outlining all that he was going through at the hands of alleged rogue police.

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