The Importance of ä

The ä is very important character in Värka Kru identity! This particular spelling refers to number of subjects in North Europe, musical culture etc. Those two dots on top of A do the transitional job of transforming typographic identity of our crew to graphical representation of it. Ä becomes planetary sized bass key! Seen? So, everyone, who put us on a list, please, do it accordingly to the original idea, if you care. We dare you!

If you don’t know, the HTML entity for Ä is Ä or Ä. For ä, it is ä or ä (mnemonic for “A umlaut”) and the Unicode code point for ä is U+00E4. Ä is U+00C4. The Windows-1252 code for ä is 228, for Ä 196. Otherwise, you can just simple copy/paste it from this post. Thank you for your cooperation.

via Ä – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Mieskuoro Huutajat – HYVÄ

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