Brew at Bar 315•316@Sangenyaya, Tokyo

Brewing continuing at same place @Bar 315•316@Sangenyaya, Tokyo 東京都三軒茶屋2-14-22TKビル2F21/07/2012 DJs (予定の予定) 4k (elephant egg) Ignat Gorazd (värka kru, brew, cosmic cycling) going if there no rain on a way tamonokey (p) cov (brew,cosmic cycling) FB RVSP page ようこそsummerの巻 毎度直前のお知らせですんません 明日はご存知お馴染み愉快なお部屋 Bar315 にてブリュゥ 皆様に快適な夜を提供出来ればと精進いたします とゆうのわ嘘で好き勝手やらせてもらってますがお客様は神様 ご都合よろしければ是非覗きに来なはれ 遊ビニキテネ 毎度感謝 Mr.KZT & DOINK !!!!! 2130open2200start entrance¥1000/1d

Summer vibes

Ignat Gorazd: I forgot to mention here Micro house mix from Notting Hill Special. This is my 1 hour set, recorded on the private extension to the Notting Hill Carnival event, August last year. Event managed by me, M2M and Olia help. Thank you! To download I recomend to use something like JDownloader. Records is …