dr. Gorazd latest favourite sound of music

album artYesterday I bought Mc Solaar CD in a shop.
Usually I do not so.
To pay for prerecorded CDs it`s not mine habit.
Вчера купил в магазине СД,
обычно я так не поступаю
even just 3 pounds, but do listenin it almoast all day today
track list and songs are here
Album Mach 6, year 2003
Can`t deicide wich song are better.
The most I like Hijo De Africa, Bling Bling and Today Is A Good Day.
So they are in my top at the moment.

SPY-SEED BREAKBEAT >>>> 11.11.2006

venue: Depo, Valnu str., Riga, LV

R U?


22:00 KONE (atmospheric drum’n’bass)
23:00 JANIS KRAUKLIS (the legeng of Latvian, USSR, and worldwide dance scene with “The Message Is Love” drum’n’bass set)
01:00 MOIRE (drumfunk)
02:30 WORM (drumfunk)


00:00 SHUREZ (breakbeat)
01:00 URBAN BREAKDOWN SOUNDSYSTEM a.k.a. DJ JoSe & DJ Sonik (Vilnius, Lithuania, DJ set + LIVE, breakbeat)
03:30 KONE (breakbeat/electroclash)

This time, Varka Kru decided to change music policy of Spy-Seed party. This time we got BREAKBEAT in main dance-floor backed by DRUMFUNK in small one. No reggae, no dancehall. We’ll return to Jungle/Reggae format next time, in December.

Now be prepared for TWO (!!!!) very special features of the party.

First: the return of legendary JANIS KRAUKLIS into the scene. Janis will play with 3 cd players, very exclusive drum’n’bass set, and no doubt it will blow everybody away with his “The Message Is Love” uplifting drum’n’bass selection and perfect mixing skills.

For those of you, who don’t know, we remind, that Janis Krauklis was first ever DJ in USSR who played on vinyl, back in … hm… 1992 we guess. He influenced whole Russian dance movement back than. Ask any dj in Russia who was the first dj they ever seen, and answer will be “JANIS”. Before that, he was first DJ in the world who constructed himself pitch control on tape players. Yes, before vinyl appeared in Latvia, DJs played on Tape Recorders, or “Babinnik” as some older melomans can remember them. When Westbam visited Latvia later, in beginning of 90’s, he met Janis Krauklis, and that’s how DJing on vinyl’s started here.

Second: the very creme de la creame of Lithuanian Breakbeat scene, DJ’s JOSE & SONIK, pushing the sound under URBAN BREAKDOWN SOUNDSYSTEM moniker. Their 2 and half hours dj set will include a lot of live djing using latest tricks of Final Scratch/Tractor plus their own, NEVER HEARD BEFORE stuff.

The godfathers of legendary Rocketshop are back in action!
Since 1997 GoodWillPeople members JoSe & Sonik had a long journey through various music blends. After a short break they return with UrbanBreakdown project, introducing breakbeat to Lithuania.

Their wide range of broken beat music styles, remixes of local bands and monthly appearance on popular dance radio zipFM established them as leading names of the genre in Lithuania. Alongside plays with Stanton Warriors, Adam Freeland, Evil Nine, The Freestylers, Future Funk Squad etc. just prove that.

Nowadays these boys are taking it even further and now with modern technology on their hands they modify sounds, add samples and effects – live. They claim that no sound on the party will ever touch the speaker without their edit and fresh bass driven broken beats is what they always deliver.


organized by varka kru

print your flyer for discount: from www.klubsdepo.lv

Entrance fee 4 Ls/ 5 Ls after 23.00