Funktion-One’s Tony Andrews on Setting Up Soundsystems – From Wembley Stadium to Your Bedroom

Tony Andrews is a renowned soundsystem designer and the owner and founder of Funktion-One, perhaps dance music’s most famous soundsystem manufacturer. The company has influenced global electronic music in countless ways with its groundbreaking technology, superb sound quality, and enormous bass, but undoubtedly clubbers and DJs will know Funktion-One best from its giant stacks in […]

The Planet V mixes

[audio:] Jordan V – Summer 2011 mix [audio:] Mr Joseph Planet V Mix [audio:] Jumpin’ Jack Frost Planet V Mix August 2011 from

Värka atmospherics mixes at Casablanca 2000 at Riga FM

Recently got comment here from MPK with a link to old records of our dj live sets at Casablanca 2000 at Riga FM [audio:Autumn Contrasts Side A.mp3] [audio:Autumn Contrasts Side B.mp3] [audio:C-2000 Athmo Side A.mp3] [audio:C-2000 Athmo Side B.mp3] [audio:Urban Space Side A.mp3] [audio:Urban Space Side B.mp3] Download Autumn Contrasts Side A Side B C-2000 […]

「brew」2012/02/24 friday @at Sangenjyaya Bar 315.316

Zweite Laboratorium presents 「brew」2012/02/24 friday 22:00~05:00 at Sangenjyaya Bar 315.316 5Djs Hol-on (meroro records,cosmic cycling) Shakabong (音幸,hardcore messengers,cosmic cycling) IgnatGorazd (ä Kru) 4K (???) cov (cosmic cycling) keep we’re brewing entrance fee. ¥1000- w/1drink ASOBO! P.S. you can RVSP at FB