The 8th of December there going to be next TEK.SHRNZ.HC eve in secret Brixton venue. 3PHAZEGENERATOR TOMOKI TAMURA BUDDHAHOOD (Malfaiteurs) AARON THE PIMP (N7 Records) ELECTRIC DELIGHT 2MG CHIAKI YACHI CARIYUGA NOIZBAR + more Video by Visual Division 170 Acre Lane. London Donation £3/5 22’00 – 10’00

Marley family heritage

I thought, that newspaper can`t bring a good news. But last I have found that I was wrong. Traveling in Tube, observing commuters, I see a lot. On a back of an free newspaper, in a habd of an man I saw an announsment. 02 lunch series of free events dedicated to re-lunch of re-branded […]


The season I love in London the most it`s a season of park festivals. Summer is the best time for soundsystems parade under the trees, under the colorful tents and just under the blue sky full of ultraviolet. Last sunday I have attended festival in Clissold park in Hackney borough. Strait away I sticked on […]