Islands Affairs with Stereo Sala

From now on at Stereosala: “Island Affairs” micro selection from DJ Ignat Gorazd! Every week – 3 hottest tunes from the top of dancehall/reggae islands charts. Islands like England, Japan and sometimes from some peninsulas in between 🙂 Every Wednesday from 20.00 Latvian time (18.00 GMT) Big Bad Tropical Bass with Crystral Sound System on […]

Jamaica in a faya: ghetto war strikes back again

Tivoli area is in a massive war action. Ghetto people barricades in order to protect a wanted Don Dudus. Which extradition is requested by USA. Big arguments starts in a Jamaican government meanwhile Police and Army strum the ghetto. Ghetto and Shower Posse gang fight back, number of casualties is rising. God Bless Jamaica! More […]