I backed up the Glady Wax that timeThe season I love in London the most it`s a season of park festivals. Summer is the best time for soundsystems parade under the trees, under the colorful tents and just under the blue sky full of ultraviolet. Last sunday I have attended festival in Clissold park in Hackney borough. Strait away I sticked on the Jamaicain style music tent. The host of two different sound systems. Solution and Glady Wax soundsystems. It was kind of battle. Old school culture classics versus latests hot tunes from Jamaica. Selectors and Dj from one crew were using only their set of speakers and bass bins. I think, that time Glady Wax were managed to produce deeper and better bass than Solution. Next time we`ll see who rock the ground. I got 5 hours of continious pleasure and enjoi toghether with funny and shiny London massive. Rrrespect. Watch out the photo and video report.

Published by Dr Gorazd

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