Värka atmospherics mixes at Casablanca 2000 at Riga FM

Recently got comment here from MPK with a link to old records of our dj live sets at Casablanca 2000 at Riga FM
[audio:Autumn Contrasts Side A.mp3]
[audio:Autumn Contrasts Side B.mp3]
[audio:C-2000 Athmo Side A.mp3]
[audio:C-2000 Athmo Side B.mp3]
[audio:Urban Space Side A.mp3]
[audio:Urban Space Side B.mp3]


Autumn Contrasts
Side A

Side B

C-2000 Athmo
Side A

Side B

Urban Space
Side A

Side B

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  1. ka ieladet? — > labais klikskis un “Save target as”
    Esmu nenormali iepriecinats par so atradumu! Lieliski miksi, perfektas atminas, ka rakstiju kasetes un baudiju so muziku – paldies autoriem! respect!

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