Värka atmospherics mixes at Casablanca 2000 at Riga FM

Recently got comment here from MPK with a link to old records of our dj live sets at Casablanca 2000 at Riga FM [audio:Autumn Contrasts Side A.mp3] [audio:Autumn Contrasts Side B.mp3] [audio:C-2000 Athmo Side A.mp3] [audio:C-2000 Athmo Side B.mp3] [audio:Urban Space Side A.mp3] [audio:Urban Space Side B.mp3] Download Autumn Contrasts Side A Side B C-2000 […]

Islands Affairs with Stereo Sala

From now on at Stereosala: “Island Affairs” micro selection from DJ Ignat Gorazd! Every week – 3 hottest tunes from the top of dancehall/reggae islands charts. Islands like England, Japan and sometimes from some peninsulas in between 🙂 Every Wednesday from 20.00 Latvian time (18.00 GMT) Big Bad Tropical Bass with Crystral Sound System on […]

Lo-Fi sounds of pre Podcast era

Here is some experimental netcasting from the end of the last century. Lo-fi Real Audio files from Ozone radio and Värka Kru and it’s POSTeleRadio. If you have missed that sounds or just want to remember surf you Real Player enabled browser or copy/paste links to the Real Player (or download one, ask Google where […]